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How businesses have found success with Agropur Solutions
Success Stories

How businesses have found success with Agropur Foodservice Solutions

How businesses have found success with Agropur Solutions

The food service industry is exciting but it has its own set of challenges. See how we have helped our partners to turn these into successes.

British Columbia Flood: How We Maintained Our Deliveries To Suppliers

In 2021, British Columbia has been hit by torrential rains, which in a few days, caused monster floods, evacuations, road and rail closures as well as landslides. Several industries, including the food service industry, faced severe supply issues. Learn how we, at Agropur, have managed to keep our suppliers in constant supply despite extreme weather events and avoid a cheese shortage

Meeting the delivery challenge during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us: individually, collectively and economically. In particular, it has disrupted supply chains around the world. Some products experienced high demand, while others decreased rapidly. The usual transport routes have been disrupted by the various and varied closures. Despite the complicated global situation, find out how we, at Agropur, quickly adapted to the situation to deal with unforeseen events and never compromise delivery to our partners.

Working towards product customization: An example of successful initiative

At Agropur, we harness the power of personalized product development in collaboration with our business partners. How? By listening to their needs, helping them market new products and thus creating growth. Here are two concrete examples of how this method has been used successfully, but first let's review some basics.

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