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Our products are versatile and your imagination is limitless. Discover different ways to prepare our dairy products, your way. Your clients will be delighted.

Flavoured butters

Reinvent butter by harnessing its flavour potential and unique texture.

Butter cream frosting for cupcakes

Boost your efficiency in the kitchen with this butter cream that is very easy to make, requiring…

Quesadillas with Cajun shrimp and shredded mozzarella

This delightful variation on the classic quesadilla, where delicious shrimp replaces the…

Build-your-own burrito bowl

Meals in a bowl are very popular right now. Create a personalized bowl for your customers that…

Grilled cheese with cheddar, mushrooms and herbs

The pronounced yet mild taste of Agropur cheddar cheese blends harmoniously with a variety of…

Panzanella and mozzarella salad

Here is a flavourful and colourful Italian salad made with fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, cucumber…