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Dairy recipes inspiration for your business

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Our products are versatile and your imagination is limitless. Discover different ways to prepare our dairy products, your way. Your clients will be delighted.

Vanilla-chocolate ice cream sandwich

Ice cream sandwiches come in a variety of ways to suit all tastes.

Ice cream cupcake

Ice cream, the ultimate sweet summer treat! Reinvent the way you serve tasty, creamy Agropur…

Deconstructed ice swirls

Creamy to perfection, we carefully prepare our Agropur soft serve ice cream with premium…

Mochi and fresh fruit plate

Add an extra touch to your frozen desserts with Natrel® ice cream mochis, an irresistible…

Poke bowl with spicy shrimp and Jarlsberg cubes

Jarlsberg’s® delicious, slightly sweet, nutty taste and soft texture make it the perfect…

Brie crusted with spices and sesame seeds

It’s no secret that Brie goes wonderfully with the sweetness and mildness of fruits or jams.